Sunday, July 19, 2009

If This Does Not Make You Throw Up....

Between these guys and hate-Israel Jewish leftists... there are no words:


  1. This has been going on since they first met back in Bible's no secret the Jews are hated by the surrounding nations...the Jews may be harrassed but they will never be destroyed according to God...And Obama is wrong in trying to control Israel when he can't control Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, etc...much less the economic problems in his own country...Help Israel do not tie their hands in the midst of their enemies...Peace is not reachable in the Middle East no time soon.
    Read the writing on the wall...In my opinion, Obama is in disguise

  2. Clearly they bowed to him. While I am not an expert, I believe this constitutes a repudiation of Judaism even apostasy.

    Moral of the lesson, if you see a Neteuri Karta, punch them in the face.


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