Saturday, June 20, 2009

Women of Iran - Seen for the frist time since 1979

I know this is kind of trivial given the circumstances, but I can't help myself. Every guy I know has mentioned how surprised they are to see how beautiful and brave Iranian women are. Since 1979 the only women you see in Iran have been covered from head to toe. Suddenly, they are filling the streets and demonstrating alongside their male counterparts, and suddenly, the world is getting a good view of Iranian women beyond the Vail. I have even seen some women in the demonstrations removing their scarves all together.... and it is hard not to notice the strength and beauty of these incredible women!

Unfortunately, some of these beautiful women have ended up like Neda:
Any regime that has the heart to shoot dead a woman like Neda (on right in happier times), who is simply expressing her support for greater freedom, is beyond all humanity. Now imagine such a regime with nuclear weapons. And as Iranian democracy protesters die in the streets, Obama expresses his "concern" yesterday while stopping for ice cream:
Ahhh, yeah, yeah, sure, I'm concerned... No, seriously, I'm concerned:

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