Friday, June 05, 2009

The walking contradiction

One day he is sucking up to those who would destroy Israel in a heartbeat, the next day he his playing to the civilized world (as in the video below). That is what happens when a politician has no core values and tries to be all thing to all people. Here is the good Obama on display in Germany after we saw the bad Obama yesterday:

A usual, Ramirez nails it:

The only silver lining for Israelis from the president’s speech in Cairo and his general positions on the Middle East is that Obama has overplayed his hand. Far from bending to his will, a large majority of Israelis perceives Obama as a hostile force and has rallied in support of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu against the administration. This public support gives Netanyahu the maneuver room he needs to take the actions that Israel needs to take to defend against the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran and to assert its national rights and to defend itself against Palestinian terrorists and other Arab and non-Arab anti-Semites who wish it ill.
Caroline Glick

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