Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Strange: Israel is Rated 4th "Least Peaceful" Place on Earth, But Has a Higher Life Expectancy Then the "Most Peaceful" Place on Earth

You know something is screwy when a "peace" group rates the most "peaceful" places on earth as having a lower life expectancy rate than the so called fourth least peaceful place on earth.

New Zealand was rated the most peaceful place on earth, but according to the United Nations, people on average in New Zealand live a half a year less than people in Israel. In fact, Israel beats out the United States, Norway, Canada, the UK, Germany, Finland and most other Western countries when it comes to life expectancy according to the UN. The peace group that came up with this "study" sandwiched Israel between Sudan (Life expectancy of 58.6) and Somalia (Life expectancy of 48.2 years). For the record, Israel's life expectancy is 80.7, the eighth highest on earth! What would you choose, "peace" or life? And oh, by the way, New Zealand also has a much higher Suicide rate than Israel. More than twice as high in fact! All that "peace" over there is causing people to kill themselves. No kidding. It's death by boredom. Perhaps living in a distant, irrelevant corner of the globe in "peace" is not a healthy thing?

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