Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Mr. Cool" Takes a Rest in Paris on the Public Steps

Supporters will call it "refreshing", critics will call it "undignified" for a President. I'm not sure what to think, although I have never seen a picture of a US President quite like this. Then we have the President giving us the soles of his shoes while conversing with international leaders. He is putting his shoes on the Resolute Desk, a truly historic piece of furniture that would be sitting at the Smithsonian if it was not in the Oval office underneath Obama's shoes.
Anyway, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is convinced that the Obama administration is seeking a public confrontation with Israel to gain street-cred in the Arab world. This, as Israel's Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya'alon belittles Obama's Iran policy. Amazingly, Obama opposes nuclear power in the United States, but supports Iran's "right" to nuclear power. WOW!

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