Monday, June 22, 2009

Instead of Ahmedinejad, Obama Should be Seeking a Meeting With Mousavi.

"Change" is an empty slogan. Instead of propping up the legitimacy of crazy Ahmedinejad, Obama Should be publicly seeking a meeting with Mousavi. That would be powerful symbolism Instead of constantly talking about how he wants to reach out to Iran's illegitimate, murderous regime, perhaps Obama should be reaching out to the forces of democracy, tolerance and pluralism as represented by the demonstrators. Why does this president insist on recognizing the most extreme Islamist elements in Iran as the legitimate governing body there? By reaching out to Ahamedinejad's government he is defacto recognizing its authority over the people of Iran, seeking freedom at great risk to their own lives. And "neutrality"? Only Obama would find "neutral" ground between the arsonist and the fire department. Why don't you stand with Neda Mr. President, instead of defacto standing with her murderers? For some convoluted idea of "balance", and the "right tone".

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