Sunday, June 07, 2009

Conservatives Sweep Election Results in Europe. Lebanon Clings to Hope after Hezbollah Defeat

Reading the press you would think that everybody in Europe is enthralled with Obama. The truth is of course that there is no Obama-mania in Europe and there never was. There are a bunch of leftist over there who love him as they love Che Guevara, nothing more. Evidence? Conservatives swept the EU Parliament elections today, and maintain control of all major EU states such as Italy, Germany and France. Gordon Brown in the UK would be ousted by conservatives in a heartbeat if only an election were allowed to be scheduled. in Holland, Greet Wilders' Freedom Party came very close to becoming the largest party in Holland only three years after its establishment, as socialists lost half their seats.

In Lebanon, Obama's negotiating partners in Iran were disappointed to see that their proxies in Lebanon, Hezbollah, were defeated. Moderate, pro-Western forces retain power, but Hezbollah will remain a fully armed, separate terrorist militia in that country.

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