Thursday, May 07, 2009

Organized Criminal Theft Masquerades as a "Boycott"

This video that I lifted off of Hotair, tells you everything you need to know about the left, about their bed-buddies, Palestinian "protesters" and their Nazi-like "boycotts." Like the Brown-shirts of old, They rampage through a European supermarket in Islamo-green tee shirts trying to steel everything 'Made in Israel'. Of course, they find many things because Israel actually produces thousands of world renowned products while in the entire Arab world all they know how to produce is IED's, suicide bombers and ignorant, criminal "protesters" like these, which they export to Europe:

Israel produced the first cell phone, computer chips in virtually every computer in the world, cancer drugs and many other life saving pharmaceuticals.... Below is a short clip illustrating only a tiny fraction of Israeli innovation. Contrast that to Israel's enemies and with the loser-crybabies above.

So put that in your water-pipe and smoke it you little s*#t's. The next time you get cancer, send a text message, answer your cell phone or even turn on your computer, please remember to "boycott Israel". What a bunch of losers.

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