Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hillary Clinton: Jews Should Stop Having Sex, Palestine Should be Judenfrei

Just like the good old days:
In an interview today with the Obama administrations favorite television outlet Al-Jazeera, Mrs. Clinton announced that "We want to see a stop to [Jewish] settlement construction, additions, natural growth - any kind of [Jewish] settlement activity."

Of course, natural growth means children born and raised in these Jewish communities should not be allowed to build their own homes there as an adult. In short no natural growth. Don't have babies, don't have sex unless you are using planed-parenthood-approved precautions if you want your children to live in the same community as you. Clinton, adopting the Arab line lock stock and barrel is adamant that what she sees as Palestinian land should be 'Judenfrei' (Jew free), as opposed to Israel which is home to many Arab citizens. Israel is also home to millions of Jewish refugees and their decedents who fled from Arab countries. Countries that are now in fact, Judenfrei.


  1. Any Palestinian who doesn't want to live around Jews should move to Saudi Arabia. There are no Jews allowed to set foot on Saudi soil. This is sickening, but apparently it's the way some Palestinians would like it.

  2. This administration makes me ill.


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