Friday, May 15, 2009

Here's how Israel would destroy Iran's nuclear program

Here you will find an excellent analysis of how Israel might destroy Iran's nuclear facilities and what the aftermath might be. The authors are against a strike on Iran but offer very interesting scenarios. A thoughtful and carefully considered piece. I strongly disagree with the conclusion but I cannot dismiss it. Clearly doing something in Iran is a very bad option, doing nothing may be far worse. Here below are the authors conclusions, make your own judgement; I find it very naive

"Only a clear and credible signal to the Iranians, indicating the terrible price they will pay for attempting a nuclear strike against Israel, will prevent them from using their missiles. The Iranians have no logical reason to bring about the total destruction of their big cities, as could happen if Israel uses the means of deterrence at its disposal. Neither the satisfaction of killing Zionist infidels, nor, certainly, the promotion of Palestinian interests would justify that price. Israeli deterrence in the face of an Iranian nuclear threat has a good chance of succeeding precisely because the Iranians have no incentive to deal a mortal blow to Israel."
So Israel should place its entire existence in the hope for rational thought and action from a person like Ahmedinejad? Hmmmm. I think I'll go with the other option as unappealing as it may be.

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  1. "The Iranians have no logical reason to bring about the total destruction of their big cities"

    That's assuming the Iranians are logical. The authors need to look up the meaning of the word martyrdom and then apply that to Iranian "logical" thought.

    I say Iranians meaning the leaders of the country, I'm sure the Iranian people themselves, for the most part, aren't too keen on martyrdom.


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