Saturday, May 02, 2009

17 Year Old Zac Sunderland is Sailing Solo Around the World

I have been following Zac's progress daily for months now. He is seeking to become the youngest person to ever circumnavigate the globe solo in a small sailboat called Intrepid. He is more than two thirds of the way through now sailing from west to east, having arrived at the Island of Granada today. He just completed the long leg between Saint Helena Island and the Caribbean. Next stop, Panama Canal.

This is good stuff. Strong values, amazing journey in real time. KCET in LA just did a good segment which you can watch here. With all the crappy things going on, it's always a good thing to be inspired. I recommend checking in on Zac's journey as often as you can for a little dose of inspiration. hey, it can't hurt.


  1. Zac and his family epitomize people of tremendous faith, Christian fealty. Hopeful the blogger at this site will learn something.

  2. Wow! Really? Perhaps you should do a little reading about your own faith. Jesus was a devout Jew, his entire family were Jewish, as were all of his Apostles and Disciples; Every single one of them. At the beginning of Christianity non-Jews such as your forefathers were not even allowed to join Rabbi Jesus’ congregation. Years after his passing they were allowed to join only if they got circumcised. That was a tough sale and few would do it. How do you get new followers with that kind of requirement? It was Paul who opened Christianity to non-Jews and did away with the circumcision requirement, and with time, other Jewish rituals as well. It was only about 400 years after Christ that Christianity became a mostly non-Jewish sect. Of course it grew from there to the largest religion in the world. Many Christians are completely ignorant about how their church was formed and think that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny is being Christian. Please, no lectures. You should show a little more respect.


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