Monday, April 27, 2009

US Continues to Stall on Swine Flue Action

As of this moment, all traces of swine flu in the US can be traced back to Mexico, yet the borders with Mexico continue to remain wide open, Flights from Mexico continue to arrive and all passengers continue to enter the US unscreened. The Obama administration remains without a Secretary for Health and Human Services, it remains without a Surgeon General, it remains without a Director for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is no chief for the Food and Drug Administration, and the President openly says that Swine Flu is "not a cause for alarm." The United States calls European travel warnings to the United States "unwarranted" and an "overreaction".

It is hard to escape the impression that either politics is playing a larger role here than public health, or the media are simply blowing this out of proportion. The Obama administration better hope that this virus doesn't have legs because if it spreads as feared, people are going to remember this early vacillation and failure to act when it was still possible.


  1. Maybe if the GOP would put the good of the country above petty politics, Obama would have a HHS secretary to deal with this potential pandemic.

  2. OK, lets say the evil Republicans are holding up the HHS nomination. What about the Surgeon General? the CDC? the FDA? Is that all evil Republicans too? What about the open borders and un-screened airline passengers from Mexico, is that all evil Republicans too? The "not cause for alarm?" Evil Repbulcicans too? I have stopped being a party hack years ago. I could care less about Republican or Democrat. How about right and wrong?


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