Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank You American Jews for Electing a Jew Hating, Israel Hating Sleeze Dressed up in Moderate Drag

For twenty years he sat in a church listening to rabid anti-Semitsim. But that was just not a large enough clue for our starry-eyed Jewish community. His list of long-time Jew-hating close friends runs longer than Schindler's list. But like so many Jews of the 30's, they just couldn't connect the dots. Predictably, the Obama administration has basically declared war on the Jewish State, is cozying up to every Jew-hater on the planet and revealing national security methods and tactics to terrorist enemies. I have tried to give him a chance, I have really tried, but every day that passes, my worst fears about this man are proving true.


  1. Wow. You said it! As a U.S. Christian supporter of Israel, I am still stunned that 77% of American Jews supposedly voted for Obama. Oh Well. Won't let that stop me from my involvement in my local Israel support organization. Besides, most of the Jews I work with in the group weren't among the 77% but Jesus Christ!! 77 percent?? Rabbi Daniel Lapin (see him on the web) claims (paraphrase alert) that most American Jews would choose gay marriage over Israel's security. I didn't believe it until this last election. ~Memphis

  2. Don't blame this Jewish person. I vote for McCain.

  3. Before we lay too much of the blame on the American Jewish Community -- let's remember that no one prints their religious affiliations on the ballot.

    The only indication of the religious beliefs of voters is exit polling which -- as we know from previous election results -- is phenomenally inaccurate.

    However, I'm sure a large number of American Jews did vote for Obama. American Jews have for decades been a corner-stone of the American Left (despite the fact that the Left has abandoned them for the potentially more demographically significant Islamic voters).

    It's hard for anyone to lay down life-long assumptions in the face of changing political circumstances. The Left's abandonment of Israel in the name of political expediency is a travesty.

    Maybe Obama will finally to provide a convincing enough argument to those die-hard Jews on that still insist in clinging to a ideology who wants to see them in camps.

  4. It makes you wonder if 77% of our Jewish brothers and sisters voted in the 1930's to put Adolph Hitler into power in Germany. After all, the NAZI Party was the "National Socialist Party," as is the Democratic Party today.

  5. I am not sure, but do you think we should put Obama on trial for treason.
    Going to all the Dictators and wanting to be friends with them, even they torture and kill their own people and now are threatening Isreal? Dont believe me? How about Cuba, Venezuela and Iran? These people are torturers and killers and imprison their own people.
    Obama tried for treason is not really far fetched.

  6. No, he should lose the next election, and hopefully he won't do too much damage in the meantime. The Democratic process is the only way.

  7. Joseph-Welcome to reality. It seems only after giving Barry the benefit of the doubt, you're realizing who he is? Good grief, my friend!
    Barry's a man whose career centered on agitism and comm organizing. What did you expect? His voting record was the most leftist in the US Senate. Leftists by definition root against the perceived "powerful" and for the "little guy:" Palestinians are "victims" and resisting the powerful and oppressive Jews. That's the narrative the Left has adhered to for decades. This galvanizes the Left against Israel. Secular Jews are Leftists first, Jews second.
    It's also why Barry can travel to Europe, Turkey, Central America and apologize for US arrogance and aggression. He honestly believes this.
    Leftists little notice nor care, that Israel is a beacon of freedom surrounded by the most oppressive, anti-gay, anti-female, anti-liberty societies on the planet. Israel truly is a miracle; a modern society birthed onto a desert wasteland. Rest of ME cultural prisons.
    Leftists irrantionally though honestly believe that if Israel can be "perfected" then true peace will be finally reached. You and I know this naivete is lethal.
    I welcome you to the team, Joe, a little late but not too late.

    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.

  8. No Fred, This blog supported McCain and opposed Obama from the begining. After the election, my policy was to give Obama a chance to prove that he is not the radical socialist that I feared; but that he would be the moderate that he portrayed himself as during the general election. I had few illusions but felt that giving him the benifit of the doubt would be the fair thing to do. He is rapidly proving himself to be every bit the radical that I feared. That was my point. Carry on.


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