Friday, March 20, 2009

Nut-Job Galloway Banned in Canada

British nut-job George Galloway has been banned from entering Canada because he is a security risk. Galloway is outraged and expresses concern for "free speech". Of course Canada does not recognize financing terrorism as a form of free speech and Galloway just can't understand why. Recently, Dutch MP Greet Wilders was banned from entering Britain for simply expressing his objections to radical Islam, Galloway had no problem with that.

Galloway: Hamas? Hezbollah? Jew killers? I love those guys!

Here is Galloway hugging the leader of the notorious terror organization Hamas:

Here is Galloway handing over bundles of cash to a senior Hamas leader. Not a lot of subtlety there. A direct violation of the laws of many civilized countries. It's called funding terrorists:


  1. I don't know Tracy. You're the Lawyer not me. But it seems to me that others in the US have gotten into big trouble, including jail, for funding Hamas. I'm pretty sure it's agains the law in the US to fund Hamas which is an officially designated terror organizaton.


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