Sunday, March 29, 2009

Israeli Suicide Drones, Long Range Killer Drones and Giant, Unmanned Bulldozers in Action

Drones are taking center stage in the ongoing clandestine war, between the real wars. Recently, convoys of weapons-smuggling trucks ("baby formula" in Arabic) in the Sudan were blown to smithereens by attacking aircraft with no fingerprints as to who was behind the operation. Some speculate that it was US aircraft flying out of Djibouti. The Sunday Times of London points to long-range Israeli killer drones who hover over targets and attack on remote command when the target suddenly presents itself. Clearly, this is where things are going technologically, both in the Afghan and Pakistan theater and in the Near East theater. An asset can hover in the sky for days until precise intelligence points to a target, even on the move. Death comes from the sky suddenly and without warning, leaving minimal fingerprints. What me? I have no idea what you're talking about. Huge, unmanned bulldozers remote controlled to clear obstacles like land mines and crush entire structures on top of terrorists taking cover in them. They fire at the gigantic steal machine baring down on them, to no avail. They fire anti-tank missiles into the cockpit and can't understand how it continues towards them until it's too late. Unbelievable stuff.

Israeli suicide drone:

Below are a few images of the Eitan, a long range Israeli drone with the wingspan of a Boeing 737, capable of maintaining flight for over 40 hours and carrying a 1,800 kg bomb payload. Equipped with every imaginable sensor.


  1. The problem I have with them being linked to the Sudan attack is how can a drone be responsible when jet aircraft were seen and the craft made high speed passes. Drones are propeller driven.

  2. Israel has every right to stop people from bringing weapons in (into Gaza) that terrorize Israel's people. People are blaming Israel for attacking Gaza and now Libya, while they are turning a blind eye to massacre's even larger such as Gaza's killings of Bedouins and ofcourse, the Darfur.

  3. Yes, I know I said Lybia. I meant Sudan.


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