Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hillary: A Palestinian State Is in "Israel's Best Interest"

I find it interesting when politicians tell Israel what is "in its best interest". Not only is it laughingly condescending, it also sounds like a threat. Kind of like Don Corleone expressing what he thinks is "in your best interest". How could someone like Hillary from Chicago have the slightest idea what is in Israel's best interest? If she happened to have been born in...say, Saudi Arabia, she would be wearing a burka and serving as Abdul's fifth wife right about now. That's how the Arabs see her whether she knows it our not. That's the reality of that neighborhood. Can she guarantee that this "Palestinian State" won't serve as a platform for launching rockets into Israel all day long? Israel has had a lot of experience over the years with politicians cleverly framing their arguments in terms of "concern" for Israel, or what they think is in its "best interest". Maybe she should just stick to what she thinks is in America's best interest? That too is questionable, but at least she knows something about America.

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  1. You are absolutely correct in labeling the American Government under Barack Hussein Obama's watch is condescending to Israel. In fact I suspect Obama will pull a Carter: Carter gave Iran to Khomeini out of a misguided anti-American pro-Islamic Middle Eastern sympathy; Obama has the same sympathy and will toss Israel under the bus.

    Hopefully Israel will make stalling survival choices to outlast Obama the next 4 to (God forbid!) 8 years.


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