Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bye, Bye Charles Freeman

He sits on the board of China's state owned off-shore drilling company, he chairs an institute funded by the Saudi royal family. He called the uprising in Tibet a "race riot" and complained that the Chinese failed to crack down on democracy dissidents quickly enough, referring the the Tienanmen Square massacre. He sees Israel and Jews as the source of all evil. This is the man that Obama nominated as US Chairman of the National Intelligence Council. Fortunately, Freeman withdrew his name moments ago. Good Lord! Anyway, count on Freeman and his buddies writing this all off as a "Jewish conspiracy".


  1. What a complete scumbag.

  2. Oh please gimme a break, any guy who publically believed that Zionist Jews run the White House...would quickly get c0ck-blocked from any position there by loud vocal opposition from a cabal of Jews. He'd be history and OUTTA THERE faster than you can say "oy vey!"

    So no politician would be so stupid to dare to voice that type of accusation in THIS country! Or it'd be career suicide!


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