Monday, March 16, 2009

AIG? Did You Know That Almost Two Thirds of Federal Employees Get Bonuses?

Our massive Federal Government employs well over a million and a half people, and usually about two thirds of them get bonuses every year even when the Federal Government screws up... like authorizing the AIG bonuses that they now oppose to begin with. Some bonuses were paid out to the leaders of quasi-government institutions like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that totaled in the tens of millions of dollars. Our President is expressing SHOCK at the AIG bonuses, but has no problem with far larger total amounts being paid out in bonuses to employees of the Federal government. And let us remember that the primary party responsible for this entire economic mess was not AIG but the Federal Government itself, who continues to pay out bonuses to their employees while complaining about others. Let us also not forget that both Chris Dodd and Barack Obama received lots of campaign cash from AIG, and they never complained about that.

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