Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saudi judge sentences pregnant gang-rape victim to 100 lashes for committing adultery

Another day, another outrage. No human rights organization press releases, no UN resolutions, no NOW press conference. It's just business as usual in the world of hypocrites.


  1. If she was gang-raped, how could she be accused of adultery. This is a non-sense and who will speak for her? What if she looses her baby? Maybe she won't care if the father is one of these bums.

  2. Tourist in ThailandSat Feb 14, 06:23:00 AM 2009

    RE - "how could she be accused of adultery"

    Because in an ideology of complete male superiority, the man is always right and the woman is always to blame in some way or another.

    It doesn't occur to them that men can do wrong.

  3. Yes its nonsense, its also Saudi law. In the eyes of the judge, the little *deleted* shouldn't have been outside her house.


  4. Whatever law they have in Saudi Arabia, should be respected.

    It is their law.

    Each country has their own laws.

    We (I assume we are from US) will never understand. That is why we attacked IRAQ with lies about bringing democracy into their land.

    If you believe you can bring democracy into somoenes land with arms and war, you are ......

  5. Tourist in ThailandSat Feb 14, 09:27:00 PM 2009

    Anonymous from 3:03 pm....

    Respect is not the word I'd choose. Respect implies you admire. Do you admire it?

    Respect is a word thrown around increasingly in our multi cultural societys, and Islam in particular seems to increasingly 'demand' respect, even for things that don't deserve respect. 'Tolerate', perhaps.....grudgingly.

    If you want to get into the 'respect' thing, then perhas pass that on to the Saudi Clerics on TV shows who have no quarms whatsoever about condemning our western culture (as well as throwing absolute fiction in, for effect).

    Or, even the Muslim clerics anjoying the benefits of our cultures while simultaneously tearing us apart in their teachings to their flock. Do they 'respect' us? Certainly not!!

    The rest of the world doesn't just passively sit there and ignore our culture, I'm afraid. Commonly it tears us to pieces. So, dog eat dog. Commentary is allowed, surely?

    Also it could be said that yes you cannot bring democracy into someone's land with arms and war (particularly when the locals actively resist it) and mostly that has been the case in history. New government cannot easily be installed.But installing 'influences' can work.

    The British Empire stamped out the practice of Sati in India for example, the Hindu practice of wives throwing themselves alive onto the funeral pyre to join their dead husbands.

    Was it blatant interfering with other cultures? Certainly it was. But I'm sure that generations of Indian women since then are thankful for that interference. Post British rule, it didn't revert to the old ways of Sati so it seems that people saw the sense of getting rid of Sati. Just as many Afghan women are thankful today for no longer being beaten like street dogs on the street by the Taliban's "Ministry of the prevention of vice and the promotion of virture" and actively denied any education whatsoever. Sure we can all sit back and 'respect' local laws, but history has rarely done that. When people see others living in medieval lunacy, it is natural to want to show them that it is so.

    Btw, no I'm not American.


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