Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bye Bye Dubai

As people scramble for the exits in Dubai, there is no ‘key mail’, like in America, where people can often mail back their house keys and walk away from a mortgage without the immediate threat of jail. The jet-set crowd are literally fleeing this place for their lives, during the past few months leaving over 3000 cars stranded at the airport with keys still in the ignition. And the reason for this is that if you default on your Dubai mortgage during these tough economic times, you can end up in a debtors prison. I love this little YouTube of these German developers going down with the ship. German's never did seem to question the morality of a place like Dubai where Jews, and Christians, and sex, and alcohol and Israeli female tennis players, and just about everything else in life except money are frowned upon.

H/t: IBA


  1. I wrote this article and you have totally missed the point. It is as much an excoriation of recent American excess during a period of bankrupt neoconservative ideology as it is the Arabian Peninsula's.

    The relationship between Jews, Christians and Muslims in Dubai is better than most places in the world and the accusation that all Germans are complicit in some kind of immoral racist conspiracy is dishonestly using an outdated stereotype of a country which rebuilt itself as a progressive liberal democracy to the extent that its Jewish population is growing at a faster rate than in the US.

    If anything the natural partners of Dubai's ruling class are American neocons, eminently manifested by the moving of the headquarters of Halliburton, Dick Cheney's former company, from Houston to Dubai.

  2. I'd have to say that David Galbraith is a complete idiot moonbat. The very suggestion that "Halliburton" is some manifestation of neoconservative thought shows that he himself is just another arabist conspiracy monger.

    Good relations with Jews in Dubai? What Jews are there in Dubai? Why couldn't Shachar Peer play tennis there?

    And yes, it is absolutely true that by and large, Germans - like the Austrians, Swiss and French - have always had and continue today to have a self-evident lack of moral qualms about doing business with nasty Jew-baiting dictatorships. The fact that like Mr. Galbraith, they also like to trumpet the fashionable shallow Leftist tripe of the day does not detract from this truth, and in fact goes some way towards explaining it.

  3. @michaelbn
    I suggest you go back to school, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  4. I appreciate Galbraith's comment. I did not mean to lable "all" German's in anyway, and to the extent it was read that way, than my apologies. Unfortunatly, there are too many people willing to sell their soul for $$$, was my point. Certainly, I would think that labling Dubai as consistant with neo-conservatisim because Halliburton moved their headquarters there is also too sweeping a statement. Why? Because Cheney worked for Halliburton once? Wow! That's a strech. The idea that Halliburton=Neoconservatisim is as acurate as Hitler=Liberal because both are socialists. Maybe we can just both agree that Dubai sucks, for different reasons.


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