Monday, February 16, 2009

Alternative to the RJC in the Works

Matt Brooks...
Swimming Pools, Movie Stars:

While living the high-life, RJC Dictator-For-Life Matt Brooks apparently has 9 lives, as it appears he has survived another coup attempt. A rumor is buzzing that key influential Jewish conservatives have concluded that removing Brooks would likely be both costly and bloody, and their political-establishment contacts believe that top RJC people do not have the stomach for either. So there has been a seismic strategic shift from the discontented Jewish Right that has left many in this recently crushed community quietly smiling. It appears that there is serious talk, for the first time, of the possible birth of a new rival Conservative Jewish political organization in the works. Platforms, structure, support staff, grassroots, legislative, fundraising, and even office location sites are being discussed, as well as a dynamic name being whispered to select people to test the waters. No one has ever challenged the RJC in head to head competition for fear of splitting an already minority movement. But insiders have been very quietly reaching out to two potential leaders in private meetings last week, and have been met with cautious interest. There appears to be an hunger for something completely different in order to compete with the new democratic dynamic. In anticipation of establishment resistance new untapped sources of support are bring recruited, as the old Bush financial whales appear to be either unaware the RCJ has become irrelevant, uninterested, or too busy with other matters to take the decline of the RJC standing up. The belief is that the RJC, whose performance in the 2008 election is now considered the blueprint of what not to do, has reached critical mass and that the price of the cure to repair is simply too high. The proposed new organization, which has ideas so fresh that Jewish Conservatism, let alone Conservatism itself, will do a double-take, believe they have an approach that can make them viable by 2010. Think the Reagan revolution meets facebook meets AIPAC. Their goal to "out-Obama Obama and the Democrats," and of doubling the RJC's numbers within a time-frame of 2 years, are ambitious but exactly what this down community wants and needs to be relevant and competitive in the future.
Brooks is, ironically, apparently the beneficiary of his own poor performance and is safe once again as the dynamic turn their attention away from him to the new ideas. Brooks will end up keeping his little personal empire to himself again, paid for by those that do not realize they are building upon sand.


  1. It is about time! I know a lot of people who are frustrated and hopeless now. We have been upset a long time. Finally something being done about it. Something to be excited about. I'll cut the first check. Where do I sign up?

  2. it is about time!
    there are people waiting in line to write checks and start over!
    we want REAL grassroots... real outreach to students and youth!
    a new broom sweeps clean and if this board is too weak and namby pamby to remove brooks then we will make the board and rjc and mattpac
    irrelevant... oh i forgot.. they already are irrelevant!


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