Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video of Israeli officer Violating the Habeas Corpus Rights of Poor, Innocent Hamas Terrorist

Notice how this Israeli officer exposes this poor innocent "captured" Hamas combatant to fatal harm. No Habeas Corpus, no warning, no trail by a jury of his peers, no ACLU... Hell, he didn't even read him his rights! He just rushed over to the terrorist, picked him up and threw him on his own grenade. A war crime I tell you! Down Down Israel, Free Free Palestine! Anyway, watch the video from the drone above a few times to get what happened... amazing stuff. Officer deserves a medal. A few more "human rights violations" like that and the war will be over. Go IDF:


  1. Amazing Grace under fire

  2. Great instincts and reaction on the part of the officer.

  3. Keep killing these criminals!

  4. Absolutely beautiful.Ham-ass uses children as shields so a quick thinking IDF soldier uses Ham-ass as a shield.


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