Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank You Mr. President

He did his best under very difficult circumstances. History will judge him far better than the current nattering nabobs of negativism. A good man. There are many things I would have hoped were done differently; Smaller government, a firmer approach to Iran's nuclear program, much tighter control over Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac (in hindsight)... etc... Overall, a good, honorable and decent man.


  1. He definitely tried twice with respect to FM/FM, but was obviously unsuccessful. I agree that history will treat this good man kindly in the end.

  2. Agreed. Not living in the U.S, I was surrounded by all the mockery and hatred of him first and foremost. But he never struck me as someone 'Evil '. Rather muddle minded perhaps, but not sinister and evil. I doubt the integrity of people behind the scenes who really ran the show and had agendas for him to sign, but I think GW was a reasonably good and cheerful man who was unlucky to have been elected just as the '***' hit the fan. During WW2, Churchill was adored in Britain. Once the war was over Britain couldn't wait to get rid of him from Politics it seems, seeing him as an outdated relic. I believe that many people in Israel couldn't wait to get rid of Ben Gurion too, once the major strife was over. "The Mob is fickle" (as the line goes from Gladiator).


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