Thursday, January 15, 2009

Senior Hamas Minister Nutralized - One More Checked Off The List

Breaking: Great news; Hamas' Interior Minister Said Siam, and his brother Salah Abu Sharah, head of Hamas' security apparatus are both killed in Israeli operation. Every senior member of Hamas should know that this will likely be their fate, and their families fate. They want to be Shaheeds and meet their 72 virgins in the sky? Then apparently all they have to do is continue firing rockets at Israel to get their wish.

In Israel, 94% of the public supports the ongoing war against Hamas infrastructure in Gaza, as Hamas' popularity among Palestinians is on the decline.

In the United States, a strong majority blame Hamas for the war. 77% of US respondents say the US should either publicly support Israel or say nothing. Only 9% felt that Israel should be criticized.

In Gaza, Hamas terrorists use UN facilities to fire at Israelis, and the UN whines when fire is returned. Hamas continues to use civilians as human shields. The UN seem desperate to save their bedfellows Hamas.

Hamas leaders who weeks earlier were crowing about how becoming a Martyr was their highest aspiration, are now cowering in fear, hiding in hospitals, UN compounds and foreign missions. The big bad brave Hamas leaders have turned out to be a bunch of pussies, hiding behind women and children and praying to Allah that somebody won't give their location away.

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