Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saudi Arabia: Pedophilia is Religiously Acceptable

It's gotten so bad that even CNN can't excuse it, and CNN as everyone knows is inclined to excuse almost any Arab/Islamic behavior.

"It is incorrect to say that it's not permitted to marry off girls who are 15 and younger," Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the kingdom's grand mufti, said in remarks quoted Wednesday in the regional Al-Hayat newspaper. "A girl aged 10 or 12 can be married. Those who think she's too young are wrong and they are being unfair to her."


  1. It started with the muhamad guy marrying a 9 year old girls who turned out to be his favorite. OK? Hardly and he WAS a pedophile!

  2. Another example of the "greatness" of this so called "religion". Didn't Bush refer to Islam as a great religion after 9/11? Let's see, pedophilia and mass murder are OK, but converting from Islam to any of the world's real religions brings a death sentence. Why can't the world see that we are in a fight for survival, and that either civilization or Islam will survive, but not both.

  3. Ugh. Another reason to love that religion, along with stoning and jihad.

  4. This is a disgusting society. I have never been to Saudi Arabia, but I know many people who have and they ALL say the same thing: Saudi Arabia is a backward, repressed, ugly, scary place. If Bush really wanted to liberate a people from their repressive government, this would have been the one. Let us really try to use less oil and stop supporting these 14th Century nut jobs!

  5. It is disgusting. With "friends" (/allies) like these who the h#ll needs enemies??? Obama's daughters are around this age--I hope he's disgusted and cut all ties with these backwoods lunatics.

  6. This is disgusting and horribly atrocious to let a country exercise openly & legally the crime of PEDOPHILIA under the protection of it's legal religious system...It's the same like accepting TERRORISM because it is legal in it's own country...I THINK NOW IT'S TIME THE MUSLIM RELIGION SHOULD CHANGE, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the world needs peace and if GOD is accepting their way of life in this case I'm willing to reject THIS GOD...HE MUST BE GONE WEIRD TOO...

  7. "and CNN as everyone knows is inclined to excuse almost any Arab/Islamic behavior."

    What kind of baloney is this? You take a valid news story from CNN and try to turn it into some anti CNN rant. Classic distorted rightwing spin.

    Stop driving gigantic gas hogs, support alternative energy (for real), and we can stop funding Saudi Arabia and their repressive, abusive practices.

  8. I assume that all the above posters are out buying bicycles or bus passes right now. As long as the Saudis can ride the oil-dependency gravy train there's no reason for them to modernize their society. The junkie-pusher relationship is a one-sided one, and I don't think I have to tell you who holds all the cards.

  9. I love the liberal comments here. A short sentance hitting CNN for their Pro-Arab bias,(i.e. Christian Amanjihad), is the same as a RANT.

    Then they blame it all on US addiction to Saudi oil. So does this mean that if we all buy a Prius and worship Al Gore the Saudis will stop having sex with children? Good lord, how some folks minds work.

  10. Until some peace loving liberals realize the futility of making peace with the Islamic Religion, I guess Europe and some places within America will already have succumbed to this relentless, noble murderers.

    Even then, ssome people will blame anything else except Muslims for all the blood and deceit. Sad...

  11. this is a religion????? more like a texas or utah style cult in my mind -- maybe we should send all of our sex offenders to Saudi Arabia

  12. I don't drive a 'gas hog' but I know MSM is biased, this includes CNN. Delusional left wing nuts wait with baited breath for the next asinine story CNN usually spews.

    Classic example of left wing fruitcakes:
    CNN poll:
    Barack Obama states Bush is a good guy.
    Do you agree? 55% of 168,000 sheep voted YES.

    Until Obama made this statement the cry me a river freaks, by a margin of 80%, hated Bush and thought he was the antichrist, but good old Obama says he's a good dude and you freaks do an about face. Can you say BAAAAAAA?!

    Bottom line: If Obama or CNN commented the 'mufti' was right all the libs would line up for a child bride.


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