Monday, January 26, 2009

Pat Condell: It is not Greet Wilders But The Netherland Judicial System That is on Trail

As usual, I delegate the official Neocon Express position on Radical Islam to Pat Condell, and bow to his superior knowledge and delivery. What would we do without Pat? If he was in the Netherlands he would be in jail right now. As it is, he is barely a free man in England:

Nut-job: Jimmy Carter: Hamas not terrorists, they can be trusted
Nut-Job: Pelosi: Birth control "stimulus" will create jobs
Nut-Job: Robert Reich: No stimulus should go to white males

The first foreign leader that Obama called as President of the United States was Palestinian strongman Mahmud Abbas. Now we have word that Obama Did his First Formal TV Interview as President with... Al-Arabiya TV. He is off to a disturbing start. Is a pattern emerging? Of maybe all of this is just a head-fake? Hope springs eternal.

Good lord! It's only been a week of Obama and the crazies have already been set loose.

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    DA' WA or DAWAH - Propaganda for Islam with the object of converting infidels, or producing a sanitized, favourable impression of Islam. May involve Taqiyya (see below)

    DAR AL-HARB - The domain of war. All those lands not under Islamic control.

    DAR AL-ISLAM - Those lands under Islamic control.

    DHIMMI - A non-Muslim who accepts Muslim supremacy and pays the Jizya (protection money - see below)

    HARBI - A non-Muslim who does not accept Muslim supremacy and is thus regarded as being at war with Islam. All Harbis must be killed.

    INTIFADA - A violent Muslim uprising in Dar al-Harb. In India and Britain this is termed 'Communal violence'

    JIHAD - The struggle to destroy Dar al-Harb and make Islam supreme throughout the world.
    Jihad has many aspects.

    JIZYA - Protection money paid by Dhimmis to their Muslim masters.

    KUFFAR - Variant spellings are Kafir, Kaffir, Kuffer etc. A Kuffar is a non-Muslim, there are two types - Dhimmis may be allowed to live, but Harbis must be killed.

    NAJIS - Ritually unclean. Kuffars are najis.

    RAZZIA - A Violent raid of rape and pillage into Dar al-Harb.

    SHAHEED or SHAHID A Muslim who dies in the process of killing Kuffars. He goes to paradise, together with 70 of his nearest relatives.

    TAQIYYA - Lies, falsehood and disinformation employed to further the cause of Islam.

    - Harbi


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