Sunday, January 04, 2009

For the Record: Obama Still Refuses to Speak Out in Support of Israel on Gaza Situation

Let the record show that Obama has spoken publicly on many subjects since becoming President Elect... the economy and the Mumbai terrorist attack to name a few. Yet he has refused to say a single word on the number one subject in the news for weeks now, the current situation in the Middle East, not a word. Most glaringly, he has refused to publicly support Israel's efforts in Gaza to end the rocket fire emanating from that territory and raining down on Israeli citizens.

Of course, he still may do so if enough political pressure is exerted on him. The bottom line is that his gut instinct has been not to publicly support Israel in its hour of difficulty, but to remain silent.


  1. obama, bush and zionist shall not win the Almighty shall destroy the jewish dogs and finish the job hitler could not the jews are the demons of this world for their mothers are gold. I hate every jew and every jew child I and many like me will not rest until all jews and sons and daughters of the blue eyed demons are wipe off of this earth we shall win. for we are better that the cuban revolution and are willing to die to destroy USA and It illegal children of the devil the jews.

  2. Barry's silence is consistent w/ his record in IL state senate and US Senate records: lay low, wait as long as possible before making statement. This way he could see which way the wind blew and get max benefit to HIM. This strategy worked, it got him elected to WH!
    Soon he'll come out in support of Israel, followed w/ bunch of qualifiers like don't hurt civilians, legit targets only, blah, blah...Media leaders will praise his deft political style, just like they did the scoundrel B.Clinton
    Barry talked big about new kind of leadership. I guess reading pols and acting like Clinton to him is new.
    F. Garvin, Ph.D, S.J.

  3. Anonymous 1: coming from the land of the Bali bombers whose cowardly attack on innocent holidaymakers invites no sympathy whatsoever, this kind of hatespeak does you no favours.

    Anonymous 2: you will need to see what Obama says and does in power. It is right and proper for the president-elect to refrain from public pronouncements while the Bush administration still governs.
    As for Clinton, he had a detailed understanding of global politics that the Bushes could only fail to grasp.

    For myself, I would have thought that, even if you supported Israel over Palestine, the number of children killed should be enough to give anyone pause, shouldn't it? I read one account of a man who lost five young daughters when the Israelis bombed a mosque. Imagine the condemnation if the other side aimed their bombs at churches and synagogues. That's not warfare.

    If Israel is trying to win the propoganda war then photos of small children with half their face blown off is not the way to do it. Strike back, by all means, but get your aim right.

  4. Berko Wills forgets that Hamas has been lobing missiles indiscriminatly into Israeli cities for over eight years with very little Israeli response. Hitting synagogues and schools with no world condemnation no special meeting of the UN Security Council. I am not surprised the Berko Wills is not aware of it because hamas shooting rockets at Jews and Hamas setting off bombs is not really news.

    Hamas attacks civilians as a matter of policy and hides behind civilians as a matter of policy.

    Israel has every incentive to try to avoid civilian casualties and cares about Palestinian civilian casualties far more than Hamas who uses them as human sheilds. Israel has no good option. Sit back at take daily rocket attacks on its civilians for years on end, or respond aan risk inflicting Palestinian civilian casualties who are literally held hostage by Hamas. They tried for former for years. Now it's the latters turn. Don't be fooled by the pictures. No Palestinian rockets, no Palestinian casualties. Its really that simple.


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