Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Moving Fast to Suck Up to Muslim World

After describing the United States as a Christian and Muslim.... Country", President Barack Hussein Obama made his very his first phone call to a foreign leader: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Interesting choice. He then moved to appoint Arab American George Mitchell as his very special Middle East envoy. I will say this: I would rather have George Mitchell as the US Special Envoy than one of the "Jew Boys" (as described in Israel); Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, Aaron Miller, Richard Haas, Daniel Kurtzer, Richard Holbrook.... blah, blah, blah. There is nothing worse than one of my fellow American Jews playing "Middle East Expert" while stabbing Israel in the back and covering for an anti-Israel administration. At least with George Mitchell you know he hates Israel, so you know what you are dealing with. With the "Jew Boys" it's all about them and their closeness to power.

Meanwhile, President Obama urged Israel to Open its borders to the terrorist entity Hamas. He signed an order to close the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay and end the prosecution of Terrorist on trial there. While prosecuting terrorists in Guantanamo is bad according to Obama, leading Democrats in Congress are calling for the prosecution of President Bush.

Welcome to the Obama administration.

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  1. The Muslims have been claiming for the past several years that the Islamic flag would fly over the US Capitol and White House by 2010.

    I truly like Obama. I hope Obama, who claims to be Christian, does not turn out to be a traitor.


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