Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Hamas Mentality: "We Won"

Below is an image of one of many Hamas headquarters in Gaza. Notice how the Hamas building is flattened while all the surrounding apartment buildings are unharmed. If this is what a Hamas "victory" looks like. I wonder what a Hamas defeat would look like?

This is the funniest thing I have read this week. Israel declared a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza to gage Hamas' reaction. Hamas Leader Haniyeh, hiding in fear for his life, immediately declared his own ceasefire, and then declared VICTORY! He warned Israel that it had one week to withdraw from Gaza... or else. Try not to fall off your chair laughing.

Israel lost 13 people in the operation, most of whom were killed accidentally in friendly fire incidents. Hamas lost at least 1,300 people, the vast majority of whom were cowardly Hamas fighters hiding behind civilians. This, ladies and gentlemen is how the Hamas mind works. Allah Akbar! Victory over the Israeli infidel has been achieved. Good lord.


  1. The folks in the photo appear to be joyously celebrating the Great Victory, or maybe they're just folks looking for some construction work...

    If the latter, they'll be paid by Israel, EU and US in one form or another, with about 7% of their paycheck coming from Arab nations.

    When they finally realize this, they''ll strike for higher wages.

  2. Um, at least half of that 1,300 were civilians, and some 300 were children.

    Hamas has a fighting strength of some 20,000, so their losses of 500-700 members means they have only lost something like 1/40 of their men.

    Its akin to Hezbollah's declaration of victory by merely surviving the IDF, though in this case, its stretching it, as Hamas certainly didn't bloody the IDF's nose like Hezbollah.

  3. The definition of a Hamas "civilian" is a 17 to 30 year old male coward who hides his gun and then hides himself in civilian cloths behind women and children.

    Somebody in Israel clearly decided that it's better to have Hamas left in control in Gaza than to hand the strip over to Abbas who probably wouldn't be able to control the place. Israel has freedom of action with Hamas still there. Israel is in a position to turn the entire Gaza Strip into a parking lot in five minuets if they so chose. They could squash Hamas like a little bug with no more than 20 or 30 Israeli KIA.

  4. No-one wins with Murder. Israel created Hamas & dont have further use for them so lets use them as an excuse to wipe out palestinians. I'm sick of the lot of them.

  5. Actually, I'm using UN numbers, but I'm sure you don't believe the UN to be a credible source, so I won't even attempt to argue with you. :-P

  6. The UN? That's a joke right? I trust Hamas numbers more than the UN. Here's the bottom line. Live in peace, don't shoot rockets into Israel... or prepare to die.

    Live in peace, raise your children, concentrate on education, cleaning your streets, healthcare, and building a real state. Seek a meaningful future for your kids other than suicide bombers and endless Jihad. If you do that, people will help you, even Israel will help you. If you don't, expect big trouble... big trouble.

  7. I condemn Israel killing gays and lesbians in Gaza. Our community is suffering. Palestinians are killing us by the hundreds and now Israel starve us to death. I and my husband have sent some blood donations by UPS. I hope it will be delivered ASAP

  8. By Mooslim standards Ham-ass did win.Ham-ass and the other mooslims place no value on human life beyond propaganda talking points,Israel and all civilized people value an individual life as precious.Mooslims send their spawn straped with belt bombs to blow up bus loads of kindergartners and Israelis send their children to college.Mooslims celebrate death and Israelis mourn.So who won depends on who lost the most and by that standard the Ham-ass lost nothing they value.

  9. Are you a coward if you fight with a rifle against a F-16 or an Apache-helicopter ? Let's bear in mind that an illegal occupation or economic blockade is a fertile - and just - soil for resistance.

  10. "Let's bear in mind that an illegal occupation or economic blockade is a fertile - and just - soil for resistance"
    All because the monkeys couldn't stop themselves from attacking and thus caused the gates to be blockaded and their territory to be occupied. The idea that Hamas is just here is like saying the bully is the victim.


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