Thursday, January 08, 2009

Guardian: Obama to Open Dialouge with Hamas

The leftist UK newspaper with excellent sources in the incoming Obama administration assert that Barack Obama will authorize the opening of dialogue with the terrorist organization Hamas. Of course, it's not just me who labels Hamas a terrorist organization, the United States officially designates the organization as such. This is the group that invented and pioneered suicide bus bombings and suicide bombings in general, well before Hamas inspired Al Qaeda suicide pilots crashed their planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Let's hope that the Guardian is wrong and that the above image is wrong.

UPDATE: Official Obama spokesman denies Guardian claim that he intends to dialogue with Hamas. Must have just been another leftist wet dream with no basis in reality. No surprise coming from the Guardian.


  1. Who cares if the United States designates this as that, and that as this. Get off your moral high horse.

    Let's hope the Guardian is right. Let's hope Obama does lean the powerful and heavy weight of US pressure on the Middle East and peace is finally realised. And if it is, let's hope your artists and propagandists look back at the above image with embarassment and shame.

  2. I hope for everyone's sake the Guardian is right. Communication and dialogue are the only mechanisms with which lasting peace will be achieved. The isolationist approach has been shown to be unworkable.

  3. Obama can hardly set himself us a consensus politician and then turn around and steamroll the will of his Administration on the world the way the neocons did. I expect there will be dialogue. I don't see this as weakness.

    What you do is, yes, you have the talks. You ask each side what it wants and then you see what can be accommodated. You don't 'give in' to demands, you broker peace by showing that you are willing to listen. Otherwise all you are doing is exactly the same as the enemy: taking sides and imposing force. This never works because the other side naturally feels chastened that their grievences are not being taken into account, and they're being constantly attacked.

    I see as much provocation on the Israeli side by putting Jewish settlers in Palestinian territories, so it isn't all as one-sided as it appears.

  4. Mr. Wills,
    1) There is not a single Jewish "setter" in Gaza.
    2) Why is it that Jews living in predominatly Palestinian territories are a "provocation", while Arabs living in predominatly Jewish areas throughout Israel is a-OK?
    3) Why are Arab demands for "Jew-free" areas not racist?


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