Friday, January 09, 2009

CNN Doubles Down on Pallywood Grievance Theater Video

CNN stands by its use of a video depicting the dramatic death of a Palestinian child in a Gaza hospital. The claim is that the child died of Israeli shelling. Of course, CNN wasn't there to wittiness that. It depends solely on the words of a guy who hosts Hamas' main website, and a Norwegian Doctor who openly praised 9/11 and has been a vocal supporter of radical Islam in general and Hamas specifically. Way to go CNN... Keepen it real, no bias no bull. Charles Johnson over at LGF, who exposed the phony Dan Rather documents is not impressed.

The most predicatable outcome of any Israeli-Palestinian flare-up is that a major Western news outlet will fall for a fake Palestinian greivence video and run with it... like this... and this.

UPDATE: Here’s an interesting update to the story of the obviously staged video from Gaza promoted and vouched for by CNN.


  1. Oh right, because LGF is such an unbiased source to righteously expose those Islamist big media.

    First its the nuts who the Jews control the media and know its the Muslims using it as a tool for sympathy.

    Heartless conspiracy theorists come on both sides, I suppose.

  2. You are just sick. If you hate at least have the courage to say I hate palestinians and they should die. Don't lie knowing that everybody knows your lying, You see this is the difference between us muslims and you Zion. we don't lie because we don't feel like we need to please anybody but the truth.

  3. There are 1.2 bllion muslims in the world and they will become 4 billions in 20 years. bad new for israel. One day they will pay for all their genocides. it's just the law of nature and then no nuclear am will protect them.

  4. Are you on drugs? Pro-Palestinian??
    Have you got eyes and ears and a brain to process what you're witnessing????
    Pro-Palestinian is the MOST assinine and completely devoid of reality thing I've heard this week.

    The US Congress literally fell over itself in it's rush to support Israel. The language used in the media is "Israel has a right to defend itself". A bigger crock I haven't seen.

    Defend itself from what? The people they stole the land from? Ertl rockets? Rocks? I got it!! Those lethal precision rocks the Palestinians are throwing are a threat to civilization!! They're WMD's!! If I had a rolleyes I'd use it right now.

    For you to think that Palestinians are somehow faking the hundreds of thousands of TONS of bombs Israel has already dropped on the most densely populated piece of land on earth is PATHETIC.

    Grow a set, be a man, and admit that you're a shill for Israel no matter what and it's ok when brown people die. Maybe THEN you'll earn a little respect, because right now you're NOTHING more than a completely discredited JOKE.

    (See how a sack works?? I even told you who I am.)

  5. Take note CNN, you have your supporters as in the above comments. Is this who you want to affiliate yourselves with in terms of credibility?

  6. Blue Proctor,

    The truth, like the other international news showed, is MASSACARS against the Palestinians Children in the HUNDRENDS!!! the truth is that Israel is using Internationally "banned" weapons of MASS DESTRUCTIONS (WMD's) to bombard innocent Palestinian homes, schools, hospitals, places of worship, amulances, news name it!!! The truth is that ISRAEL has gone further than any Holocaust and commited reckless mass killing in an unlimited Evil way. The truth is that SATAN himself couldn't be as evil as Israel!!! the truth is that you Israelis are Anti-Christ!!! Thank God for TV and internet that show the WAR CRIMINALS in action!!!

  7. I encourage all readers to read the pathetic comments above. This is what we are dealing with here folks. "Israelis are anti-Christ"..."gone further than any holocaust"..."Jews control the media"... etc...

    Clearly we are dealing with people who have no knowledge of history; blinded by hate and primitive ignorance. In reality, if Israel chose, it could turn all of Gaza into a parking lot in five minutes. Instead Israel is as selectively as possible going after Islamist cowards who hide behind women and children while lobbing rockets at other women in children. They run and hide behind women and children at the first sign of trouble, and then when civilians get hurt, they cry "massacre" and "holocaust" and "war crime" and all the other nonsense. What a pathetic group of cowards and crybabies.


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