Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama - It's not all negative

I don't want to come across as suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome on this blog. As I hammer Obama from the peanut gallery, fairness dictates that I mention the areas that I see as positive, and there are areas of positive performance.

First, he deserves complements for inviting Pastor Rick Warren to deliver an address at his inauguration. This signals his serious intent to represent all Americans and not just the narrow yappers from the looney left of his base. Good for him. I don't agree with everything Pastor Warren represents (I do agree with much), but I know he represents a very large segment of our population.

Second, Obama deserves complements for appointing a solid list of competent people to cabinet level positions. He has largely (but not entirely) steered away from hyper partisanship and that is a positive signal that his administration won't be run by the crazy left.

Third, Obama has given every indication that he intends to revolutionize the energy sector through a Manhattan Project-like effort to put us well on the path to independence from Middle East oil. To that I say AMEN! I don't buy the global warming nonsense but our dependence on Middle Eastern oil is a gigantic threat to national and economic security. Should Obama succeed in this area... that alone will be a legacy to hang his hat on for generations.

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