Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel Must Destroy Hamas

OK, I'm back from a wonderful week in Mexico and it seems the dogs of war have been unleashed in the Middle East. A few of my observations:

In 2006 Israel initiated a military campaign in response to an outrageous attack by Hezbollah on it's norther boarder. That campaign was poorly conceived and poorly executed. Far-reaching objectives were publicly announced yet few were actually achieved when the dust settled. Israeli decision-making seemed hesitant and confused. The mere fact the Hezbollah survived, allowed it to proclaim victory and seriously damage Israel's deterrence posture and image of invincibility... emboldening organizations like Hamas. The kidnapped Israeli soldiers that sparked that mini war were eventually returned in body bags. The humiliation was complete.

Surely, Israeli leaders understand that a similar outcome now in Gaza would be an unacceptable disaster. A clear, decisive and undisputed victory must be achieved by Israel; the kind of victory that even the most fanatical Islamist will be forced to recognize. Anything short of that will be considered a victory for Hamas. Indeed, like Hezbollah a few years ago, if it survives this round Hamas will proclaim victory and it will be perceived as such by Israel's enemies.

The outrage here is hard to overstate. Even during the darkest days of the Yom Kippur war, rockets did not fall on Israeli population centers such as Ashdod and Yavneh. I hope and pray that Israel's leadership do not flinch and see this ugly business to the bitter end. Anything less will be a real disaster.


  1. i agree, islam in general needs to disappear. they claim to want peace but its shows what they really want, to end isreal and anyone else who does not worship alah.

  2. god bless america, long live israel

  3. Isrelis re giving back to the world, what the Nazis gave them. I sometimes wonder if Hitler's nanny was actually not a faithful follower of Moses!

  4. Like the Romans said 2,000 years ago. Victory brings peace.


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