Sunday, December 14, 2008

Iraqi "Journalist" Enhances His Credibility With Huffington Post Readers by Throwing His Shoes at President Bush

Left wing blogs across the country are celebrating their new hero (check out the comments on the Huffington Post if you don't believe me); as some nutcase "Journalist" throws his shoes at President Bush during a news conference in Baghdad today. The President showed incredible reflexes and calm under pressure as he dodged the shoes and subtly waved off his lead Secret Service Agent right after the incident:

of course, this mans actions are not too far off from many emotionally disturbed US "journalists" at places like the New York Times. Only they don't have the guts to act out their fantasies as this man did.


  1. Shoulda been a WMD!

  2. Dubya richly deserves it and more!

  3. Notice the immaturity and traitorous tone of the above troll comments. Who gets them worked up? Is it Osama bin Laden? Perhaps Kim Jing Ill? Maybe Fidel Castro? Hitler? Stalin?…. Ah no. It’s the President of the United States. Bush derangement syndrome is a mental disorder.


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