Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hope and Change: Close Obama Ally Arrested

The Chicago Way
In what is described by US Attorney's as a "corruption crime spree", Illinois Governor and close Obama ally was arrested this morning in Chicago. Three areas of extreme corruption are alleged: He tried to sell Obama's open Senate seat for money; used "pay to play" strong-arm tactics on contracts for government funded projects; and tried to get newspaper columnists at the Chicago Tribune who were critical of him fired in exchange for government funding. Some Republicans are now demanding that Obama release all communications between his transition team and Governor Blagojevich.

In a related story, a former Illinois banker says bank officials replaced a loan reappraisal that he prepared for a Chicago property that was purchased by the wife of now-convicted felon and Obama ally Tony Rezko, part of which was later sold to next-door neighbor Barack Obama. A Grand Jury investigation has now subpoenaed all documents related to the transaction.


  1. To claim that Obama and Blagojevich are close political allies is to either be completely ignorant of the situation or it is a deliberate attempt to mislead readers. Either way you should take down that headline and stop lying about the nature of Obama's relationship with Blagojevich.

    Here's a little more on why I feel you, Mr. Gelman, should take down this post and run a correction for it:


  2. Dear Stonecipher, please enjoy the video clip of Obama going all our for Rod Blagojevich:

    Obama: "Right now my focus is to make sure we elect Rod Blagojevich as Governor".

    Moderator: You're working hard of Hot Rod?

    Obama: You betchya!

    You see, just because he threw Blagojevich under the bus today doesn’t mean he wasn't "working hard" for him yesterday... like Reverend Wright, Bill Ayres, Father Flager and the rest of his marry band of nutcases.

    So please feel free to blindly worship the "Messiah" on your blog and let others exercise their own freedom of expression.

  3. Gee, he supported the guy who won the primary in his party. And they, like, live in the same state and stuff.

    Therefore, clearly, they are bosom buddies. Close allies. Lifelong friends. Obviously.

    Why don't you try sourcing the claim that they are "close allies" before you print it?

  4. Dear Kool Aid drinker: Actually, he didn't just support him. He called him his "main focus" and that he intends to "work hard" for him. They shared the same campaign manager. His new Cheif of Staff Rahm Emanuel was anointed by the same corrupt Chicago machine to take over his congressional seat... "Close ally" is an understantment. They were distant, kind of like in the same way that Obama was "distant" from the Reverend Wright for 20 years...


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