Monday, December 01, 2008

Daniel "Jew Boy" Kurtzer to Be Obama's Middle East Envoy

Like any other group, we Jews sometimes call each other the kind of names that would not be tolerated coming from non-Jews. Such is the case when it comes to the Baker/Obama "Jew Boys".

Apparently, Obama has decided to use the old-school tactic of getting Jews to do his dirty work for him when it comes to pressuring Israel for concessions to those who seek its destruction. James Baker was a big fan of the tactic and he had a small army of Jewish "diplomats" who became known in Israel as "the Baker Jew Boys" (in the most derogatory sense, in case anyone is confused). Of course, Kapo-Jews are easy to come by and in many ways, I have more respect for the old Kapo-Jews because they were at least trying to save their own skin. Today's Kapo's are in it to be close to power and live out a jetset lifestyle at other Jews expense. Nothing to be proud of there.

Now comes the news that Obama is in the process of selecting Daniel Kurtzer as his very special, Special Envoy to the Middle East. Kurtzer is one of the original "Jew-boys" along with Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross, Richard Haass, Aaron David Miller and a few others who pushed Yasser Arafat as a "legitimate negotiating partner" on behalf of forces in the US administration who wished Israel ill but didn't have the guts to confront Israel directly, so they hid behind the "Jew Boys" who are only too happy to play the role.

If you are offended by use of the term "Jew Boy", please understand that I certainly don't approve of the term and am merely quoting Israeli leaders, and many others throughout Israel who hold these folks in complete contempt for using their Jewish heritage as a tool for supposed "credibility" to pressure Israel on behalf of an anti-Israel leader seeking political cover.

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