Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blagojevich: Jesse Jackson Jr. Offered me $1,000,000 for Senate Appointment

ABC News is reporting that tape recordings of Blagojevich have him claiming that Jesse Jackson Jr. offered him one million dollars for an appointment to Obama's Senate seat. Jackson says that federal prosecutors have now "asked me to come in and share with them my insights and thoughts about the selection process." Uh oh.

Meanwhile, Obama's claims that he has not been in contact with Blagojevich over the appointment to his Senate seat are falling apart:

This is Blagojevich's press release mentioning his upcoming meeting with Obama to discuss the Senate appointment:

Below is news coverage of the Obama-Blagojevich meeting:

It's not a good idea to lie in the age of the Internet when the record is easily accessible to every blogger. You can depend on the media to cover for you, but not on those annoying loose cannons called bloggers.


  1. Can't believe that ABC News broke this story.

    As expected, we knew BHO was lying about being in contact with the Gov of Illinois - after all, he IS a Chicago politician.

    What is shocking is that ABC is going after JJackson et fils.

  2. Obama a liar. Can you imagine that?

    Can you impeach a President-elect?


  3. Oh Lord, no, please don't impeach the President-elect--that would leave us with Biden as President! Gah!

  4. Funny! You want to impeach Obama for lying about a meeting with Blagojevich but you do not want to impeach Bush for lying about WMDs. What is worse? Bush's lie that resulted in American deaths or Obama's lie that resulted in NO Amercian deaths.

    Be a REAL Patriot and stand up for our Country, not partisan politics.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    1) Did you read the word "impeach" anywhere? It is not possible to impeach a person who is not yet President.

    2) Obama could murder someone in broad daylight on Michigan Avenue and the Democrat Congress would not impeach him.

    3) The fact that you say "Bush lied" about WMD's shows that you suffer from a disorder known as Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). Bush may have been misinformed about Iraqi WMD from faulty US intelligence analysis (as were most Democrats including Bill Clinton), but to go from that to "Bush lied" is a classic symptom of paranoid BDS. I would seek some help for that condition.

  6. Oh, I see, you are reacting to comments from the comment section. My apology.


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