Friday, November 21, 2008

U.S. Intelligence: Catastrophe Looms

US national intelligence predicts environmental catastrophe, threat of nuclear war and the decline of America as the dominant global power by 2025; and that doesn't even include economic meltdown. I have never seen such doom and gloom in my lifetime. Of immediate concern was the lack of action against Iran's nuclear program which will cause a chain reaction, causing many countries to seek nuclear weapons to counter Iran:

The analysts draw attention to an already escalating nuclear arms race in the Middle East and anticipate that a growing number of rogue states will be prepared to share their destructive technology with terror groups.

"Over the next 15-20 years reactions to the decisions Iran makes about its nuclear program could cause a number of regional states to intensify these efforts and consider actively pursuing nuclear weapons," the report Global Trends 2025 said. "This will add a new and more dangerous dimension to what is likely to be increasing competition for influence within the region," it said.

The spread of nuclear capabilities will raise questions about the ability of weak states to safeguard them, it added. "If the number of nuclear-capable states increases, so will the number of countries potentially willing to provide nuclear assistance to other countries or to terrorists."

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  1. Thank God we still have a sane, and patriotic, military. The bureaucrats will surely ruin this country if given half a chance. Is there no sanity in DC any more?


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