Friday, November 14, 2008

Soviet Show Trial: Owner of El Coyote Resturant Publicly Humiliated For Contributing $100 to Proposition 8

This is the most disgusting display I have seen in America in a long time. This elderly woman, who owns a small restaurant in Hollywood is basically put on trail by local gay activists for having contributed $100 to Proposition 8, banning gay marriage in the State of California. As the PC police sit in judgment, she shakes in fear and desperately pleas for forgiveness under terrorist threats of financial ruin.

That this is allowed to go on in a free and democratic country is inexcusable. For the sake of protecting individual freedoms and protecting our political process from this type of terrorist-like intimidation, the FBI needs to crack down hard on these thugs in the gay community who think this is "legitimate protest".

Notice how these cowards don't take their threats to South Central LA, where the African American community voted overwhelmingly in favor of proposition 8 and literally made the difference in the passage of the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. We all know that if they would take these kind of tactics to the black community they would get the living S#&%! beaten out of them, so instead they pick on little old religious women:


  1. Joe-Libs have succeeded in branding consvs as "intolerant." Yet as intolerant homosexuals, one of their core constituencies, goes on sweep of intimidation, libs remain silent. Libs are not for tolerance, only ACCEPTANCE of their values. Frauds!
    Like you say, if these thugs pulled this in, say Ann Arbor, home of zillions of Muslims, I dare say the locals would counter punch w/ strength. I bet the media coverage would be different too. Where's Arnold?
    Instead, people of consvs values are more and more intimidated into silence and inaction. When do consvs fight back?

    Homosexual storm troopers know the message their sending the rest of CA: stand up to us and you too will get this!

    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.

  2. Duh, the overall goal of the left is to destroy Christianity, what better way then to go after them for supporting prop 8? This way they can get even with the black population without having to actually confront them?


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