Thursday, November 06, 2008

Never Hire Steve Schmidt for a Political Campaign Again!

Disloyal, immature, conniving, deceitful, and a whole bunch of other words that I can think of. There is nothing more disgusting than arrogant young political staffers who think too highly of themselves. This man should be made to work for a living.
Chickenshit "anonymous" McCain aids are dumping all over Sarah Palin like there's no tomorrow. Of course, the press who wouldn't go near anything negative on Obama are only too happy to play along. Not only is this disloyal to Palin, but it's disloyal to McCain who picked Palin as his running mate. The people who this reflects worse on are the McCain campaign staffers themselves headed by Steve Schmidt. Like I said in a headline a month ago "The McCain Campaign SUCKS!" Not because of the candidate but because of the horrible people chosen to run his campaign.


  1. Unfortunately, there's always plenty of blame to pitchfork around, and campaign staffers were quick to spot a new scapegoat. They all want to be the next Karl Rove - unfortunately.

    It was going to be a tough campaign regardless, fighting the entrenched liberal illuminati in Daley's Chicago.

    Let's hope that the leftists will have to pack their bags and their socialistic ideologies in four years.

  2. McCain chose them, speaks worlds for what we narrowly missed from the next "Repub" President doesn't it!


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