Wednesday, November 12, 2008

McCarthyism: Scott Eckern, The Director of California Musical Theatre, Career Destroyed by Support of Proposition 8

Remember how liberals complain about how in the 1950's left-wing folks in the movie industry lost their jobs because of their suspected association with Communist organizations deemed a threat to US security?

Well, Scott Eckern, Artistic Director of California Musical Theatre has been forced to resign following his support of California's Proposition 8, banning gay marriage in the state of California. His career is probably destroyed forever because of a private political position.

"My choice to support the Proposition was personal, and does not represent the views and opinions of California Musical Theatre or the many people associated with the organization. I was required by law to identify my employer and occupation at the time of my donation." Eckern's $1,000 contribution to the measure was discovered through public record. Opponents of Proposition 8 are combing through the public records to identify those who supported the measure financially in an effort to intimidate and punish.

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  1. Ekern was not *forced* to resign. He resigned voluntarily, obviously embarrassed by the revelation that he had contibuted to the loss of many of his colleagues' and patrons' right to marry. He had every right to donate his money to Propositon 8. Those who threatened to boycott his theater also had the right to decide that they did not want to support a theater whose artistic director had given money to take away their rights. That's the way the American free enterprise system works.


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