Sunday, November 09, 2008

Black Neo-Conservative: Of Course Race Mattered in the Election of Obama

"In my heart of hearts, there is a part of me that thrills to the Obamas because of a red-blooded racial loyalty. There. I admit it.... he happens to match us rather well in specific skin tone and darn it, that does feel kind of good...There's going to be a brother in the White House!"
John McWhorther is an African American Neo-conservative commentator and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute . I have always had a lot of respect for McWhorther. I certainly understand that African Americans, ALL African Americans feel a sense of pride and belonging as never before, and that is a good thing. In my view openly admitting the kind of racial pride expressed in his column today in the New York Post is refreshingly honest compared to other commentators who have tried to explain the 98% African American vote for Obama as anything other than a heavily race-based vote.

Hopefully, Obama's election will help the county get over the obsession with race, including the obsession with race that emanates from the African American community; Exhibit A: the Reverend Wright. As much as I respect and understand McWhorther's sentiments given the unique history of Blacks in America, he should be careful not to slide deeper into this trap. He should keep in mind that had any person of a different race other than his own openly expressing the kind of sentiments about their racial identification that he did today on the pages of the New York Post, would be labeled a racist of the worst kind.


  1. Joe-McWorther is pleased that a "brother" made it to the White House. I'm curious, if one is half white, raised by whites, what constitutes identifying one as "black?"
    McWhorter writes in his piece that now that a black man has made it to the top, the rest of American blacks can stop using racism as a crutch. Fat chance.
    Grievance, just like in the Middle-East works. People like it. It makes them feel good believing that their sorry circumstance has nothing to do with their behavior and decisions. Nope. It's easier to believe that "xxxx", fill in the blank, made me this way: uneducated, poor and angry.
    Nothing's going to change regarding black grievance in America. Victimhood feels good. If anything, Obama, is going to hand out more goodies to victims of all types.
    Joe, I understand your comment regarding McWorther stating that he needed to be careful, that his kind of tribal identity could get him into trouble. He has nothing to fear. Only whites w/ a "R" behind their names need to worry.

    F. Garvin, Ph.D., S.J.


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