Sunday, November 09, 2008

Arrested for Wearing a McCain Palin T-shirt

Just stunning video of a man being arrested for waring a McCaim-Palin t-shirt. I picked this up from ACE, who has the appropriate comment:

And just like that, dissent is no longer the highest form of patriotism, but rather a jailable offense.

Please judge the video for yourself.

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  1. So even though the guy was probably a jerk - wearing a McCain/Palin shirt into a rowdy group of Obama supporters - the fact of the matter is that unless he was committing a crime, he had freedom of speech, which was violated.

    The liberal illuminati must've given police precincts orders to steer clear of mobs of victory parties - but of all the people acting unruly, it seems biased to arrest only that guy, even though he was certainly wearing a provocative t-shirt - but once again, exercising his freedom to do so.

    The cops may have been acting for his safety - the idiot got himself into a mess bigger than what he could handle - but even so, if they were doing that, they were also simply acting to appease the crowd.

    Civil rights goes both ways.

  2. If this guy was wearing the McCain-Palin shirt inside a voting precint, then she did violate something. It is forbidden to wear campaign shirts or of the like inside a voting precint during elections.

  3. The only place the police have an easy job is in a police state.

  4. it's easy & naive to say that all he did was were a shirt. The fact is, what he was doing before they told him to leave was conveniently left out. I'm sure the "moderator" will not allow my comment.


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