Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nude Pictures of Obama's Mother Appear on the Internet

OK, you want to know what crossing the line is? This is crossing the line! It appears that authentic (not photoshopped) nude photo's of Ann Dunham (Obama's Mother) are now circulating all over the Internet. I find that disgusting and wrong on every level even if they turn out to be fake. This will not damage Obama, it will backfire and will only create a greater degree of sympathy for him. I am flat out shocked and disgusted; and no I am not being sarcastic. I oppose Obama but this is inexcusable.

Of course it was also inexcusable to go after Sarah Palin's family in that way as well, but we didn't get many protests from our "friends" on the left when that happened. Nope, that was all celebrated on TV shows like Bill Maher; Ha ha, isn't sooo funny that Palin's teenage daughter is pregnant? Ha ha. And Sarah Palin isn't Trig's real mom, ha, ha. Let's see how the left reacts in this case.


  1. If publication of and comment on the pictures will advance the argument that Obama, Sr. is not Obama's real father, it's just one more lie that can be attributed to that man.

    If Obama is really the son of Frank Marshall Davis, it's worth knowing, and I do not find it outrageous at all. What's outrageous is that someone like him could hoodwink so many supposedly intelligent people, people whose intelligence is certainly quite suspect, along with their sanity.

  2. Lots of people were judgement impaired during the '60s.Those that are judgement impaired now are of more concern.
    As to publishing the pics,if she didn't sign a release I suppose she can always sue.

  3. Well, I guess she could sue from the grave since she's dead.

  4. She is not Obamas mother.

  5. No more discusting than what the left and main stream media and leftist TV programs have said about Sarah Palin and others! If the truth "needs" to be told about Republicans, than the truth "needs" to be told about Democrats! The truth could be that Obama's mom had a fling with a Kenyan. The truth hurts, doesn't it?

  6. I suppose those who find it appalling that anyone would let the public know about who Obama's mother was should also find it appalling that she hung around and exposed her son to the Communist poet and bisexual Frank Marshall Davis. The question of who Frank Marshall Davis arose this year after someone found out that the mysterious Frank in Obama's book "Dream's of My Father" was in fact the Communist black poet Frank Marshall Davis. Besides writing poetry Davis also wrote porn novels and was a sadomasochist. Davis also admitted that he and his wife had sex with a young teen named "Anne". Stanley Anne Dunham Obama, knew Davis quite well and as a young teen she would visit Davis by herself. On several occasions Obama's mother would smoke pot and drink with Davis. But then again the left idolizes the lower forms of life, don't they.

  7. Of course I am suspious of photo shop. More important to me is that she basically abandoned Obama for most of his growing up years as she traveled. She left his care and rearing to her parents who put him in a private school. She was certainly not much of a caring mother. His father and step father were even worse. I think we are dealing with a troubled President living in a fantasy world. The truth was just too painful.


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