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A Message From F. Garvin, Ph.D, S.J. - A Regular Reader of the Neocon Express

Hello Friends: Before pulling the lever on November 4th, here's some factual information on Barack H. Obama.
Obama favors a tax plan which he says will tax only wealthy people, then turn around and give it back to 95% of other tax payers.  Why not just leave people alone, since the wealthiest 1% of the population already pay a crushing 40% of fed income taxes?  Also, the top 5% of earners pay 60% of fed taxes.
Approximately 40% of all earners or 10 million people pay no fed tax.  Zero.  No matter, BHO will provide them a tax credit (your money) anyway.  He will be taking money from taxpayers and giving it directly to those who pay zero tax.  This is normally called welfare. 
    -Obama believes that tax code should be used to penalize people he disfavors, not solely a source of income to run govt.  Recently in his video w/ Joe the Plumber, Obama said, "When you spread the wealth around, it's good for everyone."  This belief is straight out of the thinking of Karl Marx, who is famously quoted, "From each according to his ability to each according to his need."  
    -Higher marginal tax rates actually generate less income tax, as tax payers either stop working harder, hide more income or avoid selling capital assets.  Lower rates generate more tax revenue.  In recent years, the Treasury has set repeated records of income tax revenue.  
     -US Govt. annual budget is $2.8 trillion.  Fed overspent this year by $450 billion and w/ all the bailouts next year's excess could approach $1trillion!  This deficit far exceeds the profits of all the Fortune 500 US companies combined (oil companies included).  Still, this is not enough for BHO.  He wants to spend more and will raise taxes as needed to do it.    
    -Already US corp taxes 2nd highest in developed world, almost 40%.  This means after paying all their expenses, corp.'s must give fed a huge chuck of money; in comparison, Ireland's tax is apx. 12%. Irish economy has been booming for years.  When you hear about jobs going overseas, think about the current taxes.  And BHO wants even more!  
Has voted to the left of even the most ardent feminists supporting abortion, like CA Sen. Barbara Boxer.  Boxer supported a fed law providing med care to aborted babies born alive.  The "Born Alive" bill passed the US Senate 98-0.  As IL state Sen., Obama voted to kill a similar bill, despite tearful testimony from the delivery nurse who pushed for the law.  This nurse was once assigned to assist a saline abortion of a Down syndrome baby, whom miraculously survived and was born alive.  With her heart breaking, she held the poor baby in her hands for 45 minutes before he died.  Later, the baby was tossed out w/ other med waste trash.  This is infanticide, child murder.  What kind of society legalizes this barbarity?  BHO voted to allow it to continue.  
$4/gallon gas was the tipping point.  Detroit's Big 3 are bleeding like never before, tens of thousands have already been fired, thousands more are at grave risk.  Obama's only complaint with $4 gas was that it rose too fast.  Chrysler faces bankrupcy soon, GM's not far behind.  
Obama opposes drilling for more oil within the US.  By tapping this vast resource, we could generate great jobs, cut our dependence on bad nations, dry up their petro-dollars they use to fund worldwide terrorism and create a huge stream of tax revenue for the US.  
Has consistently associated w/ corrupt, hate-filled, radical, leftists groups, which are determined to reconfigure the US in their socialist values.  "Socialism" means the state (politicians) controlling the means of production.  This means they--based on their sense of "fairness," "equality" and "justice"--decide how much YOU can keep of your own hard work; which groups get benefits and which groups get penalized.  
As an extreme example of socialism, look to Stalin's Soviet Union farm program in the 1930s which drove farm production literally into the ground, yielding mass starvation.  Since innovation, initiative, risk-taking and hard work were not rewarded, everyone sat back and let somebody else do all the work.  
       -ACORN, acronym for a radical "community organizing" group, is currently illegally, mass registering Democrat voters in key swing states.  Group is also linked to mortgage crisis.  For years, group has shaken-down banks into making unwise loans to bad credit people, who ultimately defaulted.  Much of group's operating income sourced from lawsuit settlements from banks, which capitulated so as to be relieved of being further tarred as "racists."  Group also receives tax payer funds.  Original bailout bill assigned $20 billion to further fund groups like ACORN.  Republicans succeeded in deleting this in final bill.  
     -Favorite tactic was to form a mob protest in front of the homes of the bank's executives, all in an effort to intimidate bankers into making bad loans to bad people.  ACORN succeeded.  Obama represented ACORN in at least one of these legal shakedowns.  
     -In a December 2007 town hall meeting w/ "community organizers," BHO told them he will invite them into his administration to help shape his agenda for the US.  His campaign gave $800K to ACORN for a "get out the vote" drive.  
*US Government Sponsored Enterprises: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.  As US Senator, BHO received $126K in less than two years from these businesses, along w/ Dems Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.  These GSE's guaranteed the performance of these bad credit loans, thus allowing Wall Street to sell them as top rated investments.  When the underlying bad borrowers defaulted, the packaged loans collapsed in a house of cards.  McCain and other Republicans tried to reign-in these insane guarantees, but Dems shot down any reforms as "unecessary," implying that anyone against expanding "affordable housing" was racist.  In fact, GSE loan guarantees expanded after McCain's effort.  Over the last few years, approximately 30% of loan guarantees were to bad credit people.  
*Tony Rezko, Chicago-area developer.  Rezko now in federal prison for multiple counts of fraud and bribery.  Rezko was early supporter of BHO, offered him a job, in turn, BHO secured letters of recommendation or tax-payer funds directly to Rezko to develop "affordable housing" for poor people.  As is common in Chicago machine politics, Rezko would give even more support to BHO.  Seventeen of Rezko's 30 developments are foreclosed, more than once cutting off heat to poor tenants in the dead of Chicago's brutal winters.  Chicago has sued Rezko 12+ times for failing to heat the properties.  This is commonly known as a "slum lord."  Despite having no operating capital to support his slums, Rezko continued donating money to BHO.  
*Reverend Jerimiah Wright, head pastor of Trinity United Church.  Church's teaching based on "Black Value System."  At its root is a hatred of white people, and a grievance belief-system arguing that whites are the source of all that is wrong in the world, including introducing AIDS into the black community.  Wright became infamous for his DVD speech, condemning the US for bringing on the 911 mass murder.  It was our fault.  BHO regularly attended Wright's sermons, donated $20K to his church, stated that Wright brought Christ to him, married BHO and his wife, and baptized their two children.  
    -When Writght's hate-filled rants made public, BHO stated he couldn't comdemn Wright more than he could condemn his grandmother (the person who raised him).  BHO equated his grandmother once stating she feared an aggressive black panhandler to those vile statements from Wright.  When pressure built further, BHO condemned Wright.  
    - Domestic terrorist William Ayers, part of Weather Underground, radical '60s group, which exploded bombs at the US Capitol, Pentagon, NYC police HQ and a judge's home.  Because FBI illegally wiretapped him, Ayers walked free, later laughing he was 'guilty as sin and free as a bird.'  Obama launched his political career w/ direct support from Ayers.  When initially challenged, BHO said he hardly knew him; today he states that he thought Ayers had been "rehabilitated."  Usually one gets rehabbed through prison.  Recent Ayers video shows him giving speech in Venezuela, a nation ruled under the iron fist of US-hating Hugo Chavez.     
Supports a union-sponsored bill that will forbid potential union shops to vote secretly.  Instead, all workers' votes open, thus targets for intimidation.  Likely result will be wave of private sector unionization.  Almost as certain, more businesses will abandon US production and move away.    
BHO portrays himself an agent of "change."  He has zero track record of such "change."  For example, Chicago machine politics is one of the most corrupt in US, while a state Sen., he did nothing to change this.  His power base is rooted in this corruption.  
Chicago schools have one of the shortest class day, getting out at 1:45 pm, $spending  among the highest in the nation, and have some of the lowest test scores.  Teachers can earn $100K/year.  No matter short changing inner-city children, BHO needs the votes of the teachers union more than he cares about the education of the poor.
Look at all these true facts and decide if you really want a socialist country, because that's what he wants.  Forward to anyone interested in knowing the truth.  
F. Garvin, Ph.D, S.J.

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  1. Joe-I don't know who this Garvin character is, but he's brilliant on Barry.

    Darnell Buggs


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