Friday, October 17, 2008

Media Trash Joe the Plumber

They simply cannot help themselves. they won't investigate Obama but will send an army of investigators to dig up dirt on a regular guy who is running for nothing, earns 40,000 and aspires to buy a small business. And guess what? They find this average American to be imperfect; he hasn't yet secured a plumbing license, he owes some back taxes, and worst of all he once lived in ALASKA! WOW!!! Oh the humanity!!!! They ridicule him, trash him, mock and insult him. The media is so far in the tank for Barack Obama that nothing is beyond them. Shame is a foreign concept to them. Even Biden and Obama himself ridiculed the Plumber publicly and personally. They see this simple man who was approached by Obama in his own driveway and refused to pretend like Obama is the Messiah as a sudden threat. their arrogance is insufferable and their hypocrisy is boundless.

Here is John McCain calling on the Media to stop the personal attacks against Joe the Plumber. Unfortunately, it's not just the media, it's Obama and Biden themselves doing it too.

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