Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lets Drag This Man Kicking And Screaming Across The Finish Line... first

One week to go: Gallop - 2%

Like all of us, he's imperfect; he's cantankerous, his campaign is lousy and he suffers from occasional bouts of self-righteousness. A monkey can read a teleprompter better than him. But compared to the Socialist Messiah... well, there's no comparison. For the country's sake, and despite every effort of his campaign to lose, we have no alternative but to drag his rear end across the finish line first.
Ohio Judge: Hey, It's perfectly OK to list voter registration addresses as a park bench somewhere

Dem Chairman Dean: One Party Rule Would be Great!

More 'Hope and Change' in Massachusetts


  1. Very well put. Steve Schmidt should have no future in politics, whatever the outcome.

    McCain will win this one due to the large # of Undecideds who will open their eyes at the last minute.

  2. Your title should be:

    Let's Drag This Man Kicking and Screaming Across the Finish Line AS THE WINNER!

    Read "Obamalies or Lies Obama Tells"

    Read "The videos that will cause Obama to LOSE the election.

    2008. The Year The ONE ... LOST!

    Elect John McCain President.

  3. I would love to help drag McCain across the finish line as the winner. Our high school kids voted at One-Vote... McCain 58%, Obama 42%. :-)

  4. McCain needs to win by very wide margins in rural areas and suburbs, otherwise he is toast. Let's hope that your high school poll reflects the kind of margin we need in places like that, in Missouri, to overcome a sure lose in Saint Louis.


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