Sunday, October 05, 2008

JCER - "Jewish" Scam Artists

"The people who have kept Israel alive give you their choice". Really? Every person interviewed here is a left-winger who could barley get themselves elected dog catcher in Israel. Unfortunately, most American Jews wouldn't have the slightest clue who these folks are and would likely just take it at face value. A very disingenuous, but smart political play:

A very Jewish-sounding organization called the 'Jewish Council on Education and Research' has been churning out pro-Obama videos at a torrid clip and seems to have an endless budget. Their latest video has recruited a panoply of leftist former army and Mossad officers who support Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. In Israel, where most of the country serves in the IDF, there is no shortage of 'security experts' who would give the country to the 'Palestinians.' One of them - who does not appear in this video - is the current head of the Labor party, Ehud Barak. So let's go to the videotape, and then I'll tell you who some of these 'experts' are and then we'll try to look a bit at who JCER is. Hint: This is the second time you've seen them this weekend.
Let's talk about the JCER first because that's the juicy part. The JCER are the same people who are sponsoring the Columbus Day trip to Florida to convince grandparents to vote for Obama. Yes, that's the group that put together the video by that sick yenta Sarah Silverman that Jackie Mason debunked on Friday.

Despite its lofty-sounding name, JCER is not a Jewish organization per se. It's a 527organization started by a couple of rich, young, leftist Jews, who decided to find their Jewish identity through liberalism.

The real barack Obama sat and listened to this stuff for 20 years. Now the JCER would have Jews believe that he has Jewish interests at heart. WOW:

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