Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CNN' Sanchez Smears Palin - This is actually funny!

Notice how Rick Sanchez is hyperventilating over this nonsense. BREAKING NEWS!!!! Sarah Palin has a cousin who once sat in a restaurant next to a guy who heard a rumor from his friends brother that there is a political party in Alaska who has a member with a crazy uncle in the basement who is an extremist!

I show this because any normal person seeing this would roll their eyes at how much of a stretch it is. Literally grasping at anything. Even the leftist commentator seems embarrassed by Sanchez' hyping. Of course, CNN is the network that won't go anywhere near the Reverend Wright, William Ayres, Father Flager, Tony Rezko, ACORN, Kahlid Raheede and the army of radical nut-jobs surrounding Obama for the past 20 years.

This is almost like a skit from Saturday Night Live only Sanchez thinks it's serious.


  1. Has the head of the Alaska Ind. Party, Joe Whatshisname, endorsed Obama for POTUS yet?

  2. McCain's aide should not have made the comparison between Obama's voluntary joining Wright's 'religious' hate group and Palin's welcoming a political group to their Convention. This allowed the disingenuous remarks between the 2 news lefties re: "Is this a religious party"? a credibility they don't deserve.

    In Gov. Palin's capacity as Gov, she would certainly extend welcomes to all manner of special interest groups - sleezy or not. (See: Politicians addressing CAIR, NOW, NAACP,PETA, Al Gore etc. )Palin's welcome speech is waaaay different than Obama's fully voluntary and committed membership in Wright's and his 'religious' hate group - which he joined not only to fulfill his hate mongering needs, but for purposes of political gain.

    CNN has deliberately neglected to broadcast Obama's loving embrace of a seriously disturbed hate group. This failure reflects the complete absence of moral principles on the part of CNN. This crap about Gov, Palin reflects more of the same.

  3. I love how you say surrounding Obama. Father Flager - not a good speller, hah? Why don't you talk about Rezko hosting a multi-million $$$ fundraiser for GW? Because Obama worked in education reform and so did Ayers of course he must be a terrorist. It just shows the GOP and their supporters are desperate. You can't promote McCain and Palin so you try to smear Obama. Nevermind McCain had everything handed to him and still needed his wife's $$$ to start a career. And Palin had to go to 5 schools in 6 yrs, while Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude on his own merit. I guess you agree with pastors scaring witches away too. I guess crazy people support crazy people. Basically, McCain/Palin speak for Americans that shouldn't necessarily speak, because there's never anything intelligible that comes out. This whole blog proves that.

  4. Let us not forget that the people who caused all the uproar over a single sentence from Michelle Obamaa, say nary a word about Tod Palin's 7-year membership in the Alaska Independence Party. That organization hates America so much, they want to secede. Or at least now they have moderated their stance and simply want Alaska voters to have the choice. Can you imagine the reaction if Michelle Obama belonged to an organization whose primary purpose was to enable secession from the United States. and I digress a bit, but given the photshopped photos of Colin Powell, what in the world would we see if it were the Obamas who had an unmarried pregnant daughter. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on the point of view, this election has caused certain segments of right wing America to reveal its true colors. To be sure, the racism is benign. As long as you toe the party line, you are welcome, encouraged and given the illusion of equality. However, if you dare to exercise free will like Joe Lieberman, you will be nothing more than another shuckin', jivin' black guy who only cares about race. White men like Senator Lieberman are taken at their word as to why they make their decisions. Lieberman had no history of supporting conservative caucasians until now. But a black man makes a decision based on principle, and the right wing blogosphere essentially calls the former chair of the joint chiefs, and the former Secretary of State, a liar. I am in the process of researching a book on why Democrats continue to get over 90% of the black vote. Part of the reason is the very real attitudes of the constituency of the GOP. Rest assured, this site will be in my footnotes.


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