Monday, October 27, 2008

A Clear Socialist on the Verge of Winning White House Bid

Last night I posted on Obama expressing clear redistributionist, Socialist opinions in this 2001 taped interview. He mentions his views on the most efficient method of achieving "redistribution of wealth" and "economic justice" in America. Now we have Obama on tape expressing his view that the US Constitution reflects an "enormous blind spot" and "the fundamental flaw of this country to this day." We also have the New York Times, printing Obama's sentiment that he is "not interested in the suburbs, the suburbs bore me".

Don't take my word for it, listen to his own words. Clearly, the United States is on the verge of electing the most radical Socialist to ever occupy the White House, and most Americans are completely unaware of his real views that have been expressed openly by him, on tape, before running for President. Naturally upon becoming a candidate, he has adjusted his rhetoric.

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